Retirement Planning

Your pension funds should be your biggest asset, even bigger than your home. Pensions have received much criticism over the years, often misguided and wrong.

These days people need to move jobs quite regularly to achieve their career expectations. This can lead to a long string of unmanaged pension funds from defined benefit to defined contribution employer’s schemes along with personal pensions.  Even more concerning is the shift away from the high quality defined benefit schemes which has transfered much of the burden towards individuals. Many people find the whole pension issue confusing and depressing.

It’s becoming increasingly common for people to retire abroad. Most UK pensions will only pay income in Sterling, creating an unwanted currency risk at a time when you probably want to de risk. Our firm is experienced in advising clients retiring abroad.

We believe that pensions are still a valuable retirement planning / tax planning vehicle and worth serious consideration.

Our approach is to review thoroughly the existing planning and expectation, then to create a plan to extract more value from existing contracts, identify any short falls and put a robust plan in place to achieve your goals.