Private Clients

We act on behalf of individuals and their loved ones, in looking after all aspects of your finances. You will be the focal point of our relationship and not financial products. We aim to gain an intimate understanding of your goals, ambitions, hopes and dreams and then assist in the creation of a plan to achieve the future you want.

To achieve this we have a well proven process of advising clients and creating investment solutions by following a systematic approach yet creating a financial strategy that is bespoke to your circumstances. As a client of MKC Wealth you become a client of our whole team, all focussed on you and your family’s financial future.

The process will involve an open discussion about your appetite and ability for savings and investment; your real understanding of investment risk and volatility, a sometimes uncomfortable review of the costs of your current life (are you a spender/ a saver?; do you live for today and let tomorrow go hang or prudently save and do without life’s little pleasures for fear of tomorrow)? We help and advise, whatever your life. After all, it is your life, your hopes dreams and fears, and financial planning is the road map through it all.