As a boutique, City Wealth Management firm, our goal is to provide exceptional levels of client service and consistent access to our highly qualified, experienced advisers.

Our team consists of people from various and differing backgrounds. Our approach is to honour the differences and allow our people to build their specialist knowledge thereby taking our firms technical expertise to the highest levels. It is our belief that these levels of expertise can only really be achieved through this approach to specialist creation. Inevitably this leads to very long term, productive relationships with our clients, their families, friends and businesses.

For each private client, business or Trustee we create a highly personalised financial plan. The plan is based on a thorough understanding of our client’s circumstances, aspirations, priorities and attitude to risk.

Where appropriate we work with a client’s existing legal, tax and accountancy advisers, employees and relevant stakeholders to ensure plans are holistic, efficient and supported.

Every plan is monitored on a regular basis so clients are confident that they will be alerted to opportunities, made aware of any issues and have their plan quickly adapted to reflect any change in their objectives, circumstances or legislation.